Lonestar Social Studies

A Comprehensive
Social Studies
curriculum that covers:

  • Data-Driven
  • Online Assessments
  • Online Activities
  • Notes & Vocabulary
  • Scores over State Average on STAAR
  • Journal Articles
  • Assessments Included
  • Consultation Provided
  • Successful in Large & Small Districts


EVERYTHING at your fingertips and cut your workload in Half!
• Units include Notes, Activities, Journal Activities, Bell Ringers, Visuals,Flashcards, & Assessments
• Preloaded Activities & Assessments Online
• Aligns with TEKS Resource Alignment
• Email Consultation Included

Technology that will take the Stress out of Online State Assessments!
• Activities and Assessments with features like Hot Text, Drag & Drop, and Drop Down Test
• Assign Activities & Assessments online and have it all auto-graded!
• Works with Google Classroom, Schoology, & Can-vas
• Customizable to your classroom

Providing curriculum for

8th Grade American History
High School American History
7th Grade Texas History
6th Grade World Cultures
5th Grade American History

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Where content meets technology for

greater student success!

Technology for Lone Star Social Studies provided by TeacherMade.
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